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MS Research Associate Positions in Energy Geosciences (Full Scholarship)

          The Department of Geological Sciences at CSU Bakersfield invites applications to join a research group investigating caprock integrity related to H2 and CO2 geologic storage in California. Three fully funded RA positions (including tuition & RA stipend) are available to start in Fall 2023. Continued funding is available for up to 2 years and is contingent on satisfactory performance. Successful applicants must be admitted to the MS in Geology Program at CSUB (thesis track) and are expected to conduct research under the mentorship of one of the following CSUB faculty members.  


CSUB Faculty Advisors

Dr. Liaosha Song (

Dr. Matthew Herman (

Dr. Junhua Guo (

Potential thesis topics include, but are not limited to: 

1)3D imaging of reactive fluid-flow in nanoporous rocks;

2) Fluid-flow modeling in tight rocks;

3) Geophysical monitoring of fluid injection and fluid-rock interactions;

4) Sedimentary petrology and mineralogy

Summer Internship at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL): Successful applicants will participate in a 10-week summer research internship at LBNL. Student researchers will work directly with LBNL mentors to perform laboratory experiments. A separate summer stipend of $9500 will be provided. Housing solution will be provided by UC Berkeley Dormitories.

LBNL Mentor Group: 

Dr. Benjamin Gilbert, Dr. Harrison Lisabeth, Dr. Yuxin Wu, Dr. Abdullah Cihan

Application Deadline: April 15th, 2023 to start in the Fall 2023 Semester.

To Apply: see details here


For more information, please contact Dr. Liaosha Song via email ( and provide a brief statement of your research interests and experience.  

CSUB-LBNL-BES Pathway Program

The CSUB-LBNL BES Pathway Program will provide students at California State University, Bakersfield (CSUB) with new opportunities for geoscience education, research experiences, and long-term mentoring. Under the guidance of instructors from CSUB and LBNL, student participants will investigate the nanoscale pore structure of caprocks in San Joaquin Basin of California and their interactions with fluids under in-situ temperature-pressure conditions. Caprock samples will be chosen based on their association with possible H2 and CO2 storage formations.

The program will be developed with the following components.

1. An innovative two-way engagement program composed of 1) CSUB students and faculty visiting LBNL and 2) LBNL scientists engaging in CSUB seminar, teaching, and student recruiting events. 

2. A new course offered at CSUB co-developed by instructors from CSUB and LBNL that will train students in cutting-edge approaches to understand Earth materials for achieving sustainability. 

3. Summer internships for students in the CSUB course that provide research experiences, mentoring, peer-to-peer engagement, and geoscience focused career guidance. 

4. Hypothesis-driven basic research on nanoscale pore network of caprocks in San Joaquin Basin. 

5. A long-term mentoring plan (up to 2-year) with CSUB and LBNL researchers to accomplish research, education and career objectives. 

We have three fully funded master positions open in 2023

Interested individuals are encouraged to reach out to Dr. Song

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